Agape Můj

How to think of the end of a world? Can we see what is behind the barrier of a collapse? We don’t have the tools to know what will happen next.

Performance dialogue of Cécile Da Costa and her eight-year-old daughter Thelma.

Looking to the future, we are confronted with the possible collapse of our society and eventually of our civilization. But collapse doesn’t have to be the end of the world. It doesn’t have to be a one-off catastrophe. It is a sudden change involving our basic needs, like water, food, energy, accommodation… It is the possible breakdown of the financial system, democratic system, social system as we know them today.

The possibility of a collapse closes some futures but opens an infinity of others. There are possibilities which are difficult to consider or contemplate. There are emergencies that don’t care about the complexity of hierarchy and institutions. There is a possibility to deconstruct our thought processes, our believes, our schemas. What if while looking at disasters in the eyes we could still tell each other beautiful stories?

Author’s performance by Cécile Da Costa raised in a moment where she had less to do and more time to observe and look at what is standing in front of us. In a time when she asked herself questions about her role as an artist in a society.

“We must rather let go and switch from a mode to observe, to analyse, to command and to control to experiment, to act, to feel, to adjust.”
D,J.Snowden and M.E. Boone « A Leader’ s framework for decision making ».

In the making.

Author, creator, performer, choreographer: Cécile Da Costa
Music, sound design: Martin Janíček
Scenography: Dragan Stojčevski
Producer: ProFitArt

Performers: Cécile Da Costa, Thelma Anouk Da Costa, Viktor Černický