The ProFitArt production platform was founded in 2012 by Šárka Pavelková and Josef Neufus. Its focus is mainly on the area of independent nonverbal, physical and contemporary dance theatre.

Among the collaborators there were many important established artists, including Lenka Vagnerová, Katarína Kalivodová (SK/CZ), Matej Matejka (SK/PL), Maxim Didenko (RU), Nela Kornetová (CZ/NO), Jun Wan Kim (KO/CZ), Róbert Nižník (CZ/SK) and others. However, ProFitArt also provided space for choreographic or directing work by emerging artists such as Alexander Volný (CZ), Lukáš Lepold (CZ), Cécile Da Costa (FR), Marta Sobotková (CZ) and Martin Talaga (SK), who won the Dance Production of the Year award and Discovery of the Year 2018 on the Czech Dance Platform for his production of SOMA.

In addition to staging, ProFitArt has also partnered with the European Four-Year (2013-2017) Project Meeting the Odyssey, which produced two editions of the Theatre Odyssey Festival in 2014 and 2015.

The platform has also focused on educational activities in the past, with the educational Czech-Swiss project Net Pro Art (2015-2016), which responded to current problems in the field of management of independent non-verbal theatre on the Czech theatre scene. It can therefore be considered a pioneer of this type of educational programmes, which preceded, for example, the Academy of the Institute of The Arts. These educational efforts were related to consultancy on the issues of production independent theatre, which resulted in active cooperation with emerging artists.

With each project, the company continuously tries to lead creative teams through the entire production process of the production, after the premiere it remains in close contact and is available to them even if they decide to take the path of independent artistic existence. The last piece of the puzzle is cultural policy, which is also a thorny topic for independent theatre, and to which our platform has been marginally but continuously devoted. In 2016, Šárka Pavelková was at the birth of the Association of Independent Theatres of the Czech Republic, which she was an executive manager of until 2021. Therefore, ProFitArt no longer pays attention to this line of activities and remains a platform exclusively providing production services to new creative talents, as well as cooperating internationally in the field of not only physical and dance theatre.

Sarka Pavelkova - theater producer and manager

Šárka Pavelková

Theater producer and manager.

She graduated from the Department of Theater Studies at Masaryk University in Brno. In 2012, she founded the production platform ProFitArt, where she works as its leader and a producer. The establishment of our own production entity was preceded by production and management activities for Czech ensembles, mainly physical and dance theater – Farm in the Cave or DOT504.

She helped the leading Czech choreographer Lenka Vagnerová to be cratively indipendent and establish her own ensemble. In addition to production, Šárka Pavelková is involved in educational projects, international cooperation projects, cultural policy or fundraising. In 2016-2021 she was the executive manager of the Association of Independent Theaters of the Czech Republic. Since 2021, she has been cooperating with KD Mlejn on the programs of theater residences and international projects.

Pavla Haluzová

PR manager.

She comes from Olomouc. After graduating the Theory and History of Theater at the Masaryk University in Brno, she joined the Archa Theater, where she worked as a cashier and later a PR assistant and coordinator of the Archa.školám project (program for schools). For several years she wrote for the cultural server Informuji.cz.

Since 2020, she has been working as PR manager of the production platform ProFitArt. Since 2021, she has been working as the PR manager of Veronika Knytlová’s MindMove art association, as well as the PR manager and photographer of the K2 Club, which runs a family center and kindergarten.