November 2020

Aerowaves picked Roselyne by Cecile da Costa in production of ProFitArt

European platform Aerowaves picked top twenty productions of physical theatre. Our Roselyne is one of them! Congratulations to Cécile Da Costa and whole team.

The Aerowaves platform is celebrating 25 years since its founding at The Place theatre in London. Aerowaves is about discovering new talent. It represents a great chance for them to perform on the international scene, which has been helped for 10 years by the Spring Forward festival. Every year, from hundreds of registered videos, experts select 20 works that have the potential to gain international attention

Twenty21, i.e. a selection of 20 top works for 2021, includes three works from the Czech Republic, thanks to the unquestionable quality, diversity and original concept of each author. Two authentic female solos by Tereza Lenerová Hradilková (Don’t Stop) and Cécile Da Costa (Roselyne) and one appealing duet by Sabina Bočková and Johana Pocková / PocketArt (The Lion’s Den) are selected representatives of the Czech Republic who withstood tough competition from more than 600 entries from 35 European countries. The Czech Republic had a total of 13 registered works, which is a very solid number.

October 2020

Site-specific premieres cancelled.

Unfortunately, site-specific premieres of our new project Nothing else, Mothers, which were supposed to take place on October 13th and 14th at the 4+4 days in Motion Festival had to be cancelled due to current epidemiological measures. Instead we could show you a work in progress presentation on October 11th in Nová strašnická škola. Thank you all for coming and also thanks to Vojta Brtnický for coming to take photos.

October 2020

The author's production of Dominika Špalková and Anna Klimešová

Nothing else, Mothers. The author’s production about the mother-daughter relationship will have a site-specific premiere at the festival 4+4 days on the move.

The author’s production of Dominika Špalková and Anna Klimešová awaits a site-specific premiere at the festival 4+4 days on the move. Two compositions of the mother-daughter relationship called Nothing else, Mothers will take place in the Secession space of the New Terrible School. The production for two performers will star dancer Cécile Da Costa and actress Antonia Formanová.