March 2024

Cécile Da Costa’s workshop at the Night of Theatres 2024

The Dance In-Between Us team spent the first half of the second week of January in Prague.

Roselyne said goodbye to Ponec and performed her last show there during this year’s Night of Theatres. Part of the program of the Roselyne Transformation was a workshop with author and performer Cécile Da Costa, beautifully photographed by Michael Romanovský. Check out the gallery.

January 2024

Dance In-Betwen Us: team in Prague

The Dance In-Between Us team spent the first half of the second week of January in Prague.

We visited the intergenerational workshops of the organization Mezi námi in a home for the elderly and also Cécile Da Costa’s workshops for the elderly and people with Parkinson’s disease. We spent the remaining time developing a project to connect generations through dance and improve their health, emotional intelligence, competence, motor and coordination skills and spatial orientation.

January 2024

FOMO / On Air at Tep39

We ended the year 2023 with the work-in-progress of the upcoming project of performers Bára Nechanická and Bára Ješutová with the working title FOMO / On Air. Look at the photos.

December 2023

Learning by Circus for students

On Monday we finished this half term of Learning by Circus workshops for students. Groups of students at Letohradská Primary School showed what they had learned in six months with the lecturers Robert Janč and Cécile Da Costa, and evaluated how much they enjoyed the lessons and what they had gained from them. The workshops were also held at the Integrál Primary School and the Kralupy Children’s Home.

November 2023

FOMO – On Air

The new project of performers Bára Ješutová and Bára Nechanická had a work-in-progress at the Night of Theatres in Plum Yard. Thank you for the invitation and the Ministry of Culture and the City of Prague for their support.
The premiere is planned for June.

October 2023

Connecting generations, dance, health, development

Together with our German and Polish partners, Dirk Förster and Karolina Wycisk from Performat Production, we are starting to work on the project Dance In-between Us. We are delighted to be partnered with Mezi námi, a non-profit organization that has been connecting generations for ten years.

October 2023

Moetivi Caravan / Expedition Home – the book

The book about four years of Moetivi Caravan is full of photos from residencies and trips. The texts in Czech and English summarise the entire development of the international project from the first idea, through the residencies to the three finished performances in the Czech, Icelandic and Norwegian caravans. The book can be purchased at Moetivi Caravan performances or by contacting

September 2023

Whimsical Paranoid: work-in-progress (gallery)

On Friday, September 22nd, performers Martina Martín, Sade Mamedova and Lorenzo Ponteprimo concluded their creative residency. Thank you to everyone who came to see the work-in-progress of their project Whimsical Paranoid and the National Recovery Plan for support.

July 2023

The international creative residency at KD Mlejn will be ended by work-in-progress dance sci-fi performance

More Than Just Theatre is the title of the residency project announced by the production platform ProFitArt together with the German partner The Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei. The first of the two selected residencies, the dance sci-fi project Oxy-Gen | Embers, will be finalized this Friday, July 14, with a public work-in-progress at KD Mlejn in Prague.

June 2023

Norwegian Moetivi Caravan on PIT Festival

At the beginning of June we went to Porsgrunn, Norway, to the PIT festival, which featured a performance of our partners of the Moetivi Caravan project. The Norwegian production, which was created parallely with the Czech and Icelandic productions, is called Jomfrulandet, also explores what home means to us, and takes place in a small caravan. We thank the Norwegian team for taking us on their own journey to find home, and the EEA and Norway Grants for their support. Look at the photos in the gallery.

May 2023

Oxy-Gen | Embers

Oxy-Gen| Embers is the first project we selected based on open call. The first of two residencies we are doing in collaboration with Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei Mannheim and KD Mlejn within the project More Than Just a Theatre. A project by German dancer and choreographer Lisa Bless and her collaborator, dancer Anand Dhanakoti from India. The dance sci-fi performance transports us to the not too distant future of our planet. To two different climate scenarios in two different sci-fi worlds. A fusion of contemporary dance, physical theatre, kathak and martial arts. 🤩 The residency starts on June 26th and we can’t wait to welcome Lisa and Anand to Prague.

March 2023


Cécile Da Costa took part in the happening of #kulturunezastavis initiative. As Roselyne, she performed with her plant in a subway car on the route from Motola to Hostivař Depot.

February 2023

Teaching by Circus

Since the beginning of this season, a circus workshop for teachers with Robert Janč and Cécile Da Costa Teaching by Circus has been taking place.

January 2023

ProFitArt in the new year

Hello to our theater friends in the new year and would like to invite you to the theater experiences that the beginning of 2023 brings us.

November 2022

Theatre premiere of Ewa Żurakowska’s multi-genre project Home Beyond the Borders? in Venuše ve Švehlovce

Polish performer Ewa Żurakowska created her project based on the book House of Day, House of Night by Nobel Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk. The production Home Beyond the Borders?, which invites the audience into the world of dreams, surreal and visionary reality, had its Czech site-specific premiere in Prague’s Invalidovna (Studio ALTA) and will now be added to the repertoire of the Venuše ve Švehlovce Theatre. Theatre premiere takes place on Monday, November 21. The performer received a broader nomination for the Thalia Awards 2022 for her performance in the production.

September 2022

Ewa Zurakowska nominated on Thalia Awards

Ewa Żurakowska appeared in a wider nomination for the Thalia Awards 2022 for her role in the production Home Beyond the Borders?!

“…the performer tells a suggestive story about the world of the Czech-Polish border, which she literally “materializes” with her intense physical acting, both in the form of dialogues with the audience and in her own dream monologues. She is characterized by sensitivity, complex acting and a charismatic ability to establish direct contact with the audience.”

A year ago, the production had its Czech site-specific premiere in Prague’s Invalidovna, and soon you will have the opportunity to see it again!

June 2022

Roselyne in Amsterdam

Roselyne the movie, directed by Tereza Vejvodová, based on the production of the same name, was selected for this year’s Cinedans festival in Amsterdam. It was screened in the iconic Eye filmmuseum on Saturday, June 25, at 6:45 p.m.

June 2022

A special family production in a caravan will take you on your way home

The author’s production by Dominika Špalková and Bára Ungerová is looking for an answer to the question of what makes home a home. The original project takes place in a specially adapted caravan, which is also an art installation and can accommodate only eight spectators. Moetivi Caravan / Expedition Home premieres in Lubná near Polička, where the project originated, on June 21, the day of the summer solstice. After the premiere, the caravan will tour Czech festivals.

May 2022

Moetivi Caravan / Expedition Home – preview

We cordially invite you to the preview of the Moetivi Caravan / Expedition Home project.

April 2022

We are looking for Ukrainian musicians

To the author’s production of Polish performer Ewa Zurakowska Home Beyond the Borders? according to Olga Tokarczuk’s book House of Day, House of Night, we are looking for Ukrainian musicians.

February 2022

Premiere of the author’s production by Cécile Da Costa, Zero etc.

What if while looking in the eyes of disasters we could still tell each other beautiful stories? Performance-dialogue of Cécile Da Costa, her eight-year-old daughter Thelma and performer Lukáš Karásek will have its premiere on February 26th, 8 p.m., in Ponec – dance venue.

October 2021

Moetivi Caravan / Expedition Home – work in progress

We cordially invite you to the work in progress presentation of the Moetivi Caravan / Expedition Home project.

October 2021

The preparation of a new author’s project led the artists to Norway and Iceland

Moetivi Caravan / Expedition to Home is the name of a new project, which is being prepared by the authors and protagonists Dominika Špalková and Bára Ungerová under the banner of the ProFitArt production platform. As part of an expedition to the essence of what makes a home a home, they set out on a journey to Iceland. In Norway and Iceland, two more versions of the production are being created in parallel, by Norwegian and Icelandic artists these days they arrived for a residential stay with us, in the Czech Republic..

September 2021

ProFitArt - podporujeme umělce

Nothing else, Mothers will have its premiere at Palac Akropolis

The author’s production by Dominika Špalková and Anna Klimešová will finally have its premiere after several delays. The composition of the relationship between mother and daughter called Nothing else, Mothers will take place for the first time on September 13th at the Palac Akropolis in Prague. Dancer Cécile Da Costa and actress Antonie Formanová will appear in the production for two performers.

August 2021

Home Beyond the Borders? will premiere in Czech at Underground club Eden Broumov

Polish performer Ewa Zurakowska based her upcoming project on Nobel Laureaute Olga Tokarczuk´s novel House of Day, House of Night. Production Home Beyond the Borders? will take the audience into the world of dreams, surreal and visionary reality in premiere on 20th August at Underground club Eden in Broumov.

July 2021

Home Beyond the Borders? will premiere at Gorzanow Castle

Polish performer Ewa Żurakowska based her upcoming project on Nobel Laureaute Olga Tokarczuk´s novel House of Day, House of Night. Production Home Beyond the Borders? will take the audience into the world of dreams, surreal and visionary reality in premiere on 31st July at beautiful Gorzanow Castle

June 2021

Roselyne on Tour and New Projects

We are very happy that everything is slowly returning to normal and that we can look forward to a lot of interesting events and projects that await us in the coming months. Find out about what’s ahead of us here:

June 2021

Dance on camera movie Roselyne premiere

Dance on camera movie Roselyne directed by Tereza Vejvodová will have its premiere at the Dance Film Festival as part of the opening night “At home or the evening of Czech premieres”. You can see him in the company of Dark Horse, A Few Words of Uncertainty and Ephemera on June 3rd at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are already on sale.

April 2021

Home Beyond Borders. Photo: Tomasz Augustyn

New projects

With the beginning of Spring we started to work on several new projects. Find out more about the exciting news.

March 2021

Roselyne in a movie and reviews

Dance Film Festival Prague presented Roselyne in dance on camera form. Online premiere of Cécile Da Costa´s solo was premiered online on February 11th, 2021 succesfully in eyes of audience and also reviewers.

January 2021

Roselyne as a dance film

Dance Film Festival Prague has chosen our Roselyne and you can see it together with a choreography Dark Horse by Lenka Vagnerova in a dance for camera form at February 11.

December 2020

PF 2021

ProFitArt wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 2020

Online premiere of Nothing else, Mothers

At December 30, 2020 you can watch an online premiere of our new production Nothing else, Mothers. A following link to the video of an author’s production by Anna Klimešová a Dominika Špalková with performers Cécile Da Costa and Antonie Formanová will be opened since 8 pm only till midnight.

November 2020

Theatre Night at Plum Yard.

The Theatre Night this year has moved into an online space and our Roselyne has become a part of Plum Yard. Cécile Da Costa has connected her art with genius loci of this unique place and also other artists. Look at photos from the filming process and also at the movie itself.

November 2020

Aerowaves picked Roselyne by Cecile da Costa in production of ProFitArt

European platform Aerowaves picked top twenty productions of physical theatre. Our Roselyne is one of them! Congratulations to Cécile Da Costa and whole team.

The Aerowaves platform is celebrating 25 years since its founding at The Place theatre in London. Aerowaves is about discovering new talent. It represents a great chance for them to perform on the international scene, which has been helped for 10 years by the Spring Forward festival. Every year, from hundreds of registered videos, experts select 20 works that have the potential to gain international attention

Twenty21, i.e. a selection of 20 top works for 2021, includes three works from the Czech Republic, thanks to the unquestionable quality, diversity and original concept of each author. Two authentic female solos by Tereza Lenerová Hradilková (Don’t Stop) and Cécile Da Costa (Roselyne) and one appealing duet by Sabina Bočková and Johana Pocková / PocketArt (The Lion’s Den) are selected representatives of the Czech Republic who withstood tough competition from more than 600 entries from 35 European countries. The Czech Republic had a total of 13 registered works, which is a very solid number.

October 2020

Site-specific premieres cancelled.

Unfortunately, site-specific premieres of our new project Nothing else, Mothers, which were supposed to take place on October 13th and 14th at the 4+4 days in Motion Festival had to be cancelled due to current epidemiological measures. Instead we could show you a work in progress presentation on October 11th in Nová strašnická škola. Thank you all for coming and also thanks to Vojta Brtnický for coming to take photos.

October 2020

The author's production of Dominika Špalková and Anna Klimešová

Nothing else, Mothers. The author’s production about the mother-daughter relationship will have a site-specific premiere at the festival 4+4 days on the move.

The author’s production of Dominika Špalková and Anna Klimešová awaits a site-specific premiere at the festival 4+4 days on the move. Two compositions of the mother-daughter relationship called Nothing else, Mothers will take place in the Secession space of the New Terrible School. The production for two performers will star dancer Cécile Da Costa and actress Antonia Formanová.