Cecile Da Costa in production of ProFitArt

Cécile Da Costa

The actress, dancer, singer and lecturer of French-Portuguese descent was awarded as the Dancer of the Year 2018 by the Czech Dance Platform and nominated for the Total Physical award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 for her production The Narrator of Spitfire Company, with which she has collaborated as a creator and performer since 2011. Until then, she had been a member of the Farm in the Cave ensemble for six years. For many years she has been a lecturer in physical theatre workshops all over Europe, in which she tries to find a voice that moves the body and a body that vibrates the voice.

She created her first authorial production Roselyne for ProFitArt. In the production Nothing else, Mothers she performs as one of two performers and is also the author of choreography.

You can find more information about Cécile Da Costa on her website.

Dominika Spalkova in production of ProFitArt

Dominika Špalková

Is dramaturge, director and artistic director of the Drak Theatre. She studied at DAMU in Prague, she was one of the initiators of the the educational programme for children and educators in the Drak Theatre. She supported cooperation with the Department of alternative and puppet theatre on DAMU, thanks to which students can ride to the Drak Theatre for residences. Last year in Hradec Králové specialized department of the Department of Educational Playwrights DAMU was opened, which allows the students to gain experience in theatre operations. Cooperates with the organization international festival Theatre of European Regions. In February 2019, she introduced the author’s production about the desire to move “A on the foot of the mainland”.

For ProFitArt, she co-created production of Nothing else, Mothers and Cecile Da Costa´s Roselyne.

Anna Klimesova in production of ProFitArt

Anna Klimešová

Co-director of Nothing else, Mothers.

Antonie Formanova in production of ProFitArt

Antonie Formanová

Actress Antonie Formanová is a student of DAMU, department of alternative and puppet theatre. In addition to school projects and a few student films, she can be seen, for example, in TV movies Dukla 61 or Ballad about a pilot. She also currently plays in the Anti-Quariat of Dejvické divadlo as an outsourced performance Liver. She is actively engaged in improvisation and occasionally performs with the group NO A! of Simona Babčáková.

She is a performer in Nothing else, Mothers.

Marie Čtveráčková

She was born in 1984. Under the pseudonym Mary C, she is active as a selector, presenter and cultural activist. Every Monday from 22:00 you can hear her on Radio Wave in Kruton aka The Scene with Mary C. She writes for Radio Wave and Full Moon Magazine. She’s one of the initiators of The Saddest Party. With Martin Tvrdý, she founded musically creative platform called Kreaton and forms the Kreaton DJs unit, which showcases new form of DJing, radical sampling session with live beats, as well as project A Progressive Man. She regularly moderates the Sound Chat music discussion in the Czech Centre of Prague. She is the coordinator of the Czeching project.

She is the author of music for the production of Nothing else, Mothers.

Eliska Kocianova in production of ProFitArt

Eliška Kociánová

Light designer of Nothing else, Mothers.

Karolina Kotrbova in production of ProFitArt

Karolína Kotrbová

In June 2020, she completed her Master’s programme of scenography at Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre DAMU in Prague. In addition to creating within the independent group of 8 People she also works with other theatre groups and continuously participates in a number of diverse theatre projects. She is interested in theatre creation in a public space, or working with a theatrical mask. She competed her internship at the AGRFT University of Art in Ljubljana and a year of study of illustration at FDULS in Plzeň. She pursues the illustration in the form of book illustration or comics. For example, she was involved in the productions of Theatrum Kuks (2018), Theatre Association Pomezí (2019) or I will turn into a hare with grief caution in Archa Theatre (2019) or La Moneda (Alfred in the Courtyard, June 2020). She translates from German and has been working as a technical production for the Prague German Language Theatre Festival.

She is the author of a scenography for production Nothing else, Mothers.

Petra Vlachynská

She studied clothing design at TU in Liberec. She also completed her studies in costume and mask at the Department of Scenography at DAMU in Prague, and scenography focused on site-specific theater at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater. Her work includes costume design for theater and film, site-specific projects, styling and fashion design. Among other things, she is also involved in authorial work. She collaborates with Jan Nebeský, Jan Frič, Braňo Holiček, Jan Bušta, Spitfire company, Tantehorse company and other artists. She has participated in a number of films, of which the film Baba (directed by Zuzana Kirchnerová / Špidlová) won first place in the student film section at the Cannes Film Festival.

She collaborated as scenographer and costume designer on Roselyne.

Jan Šikl

Jan Šikl devotes himself to music on several levels. As a drummer in the Zabelov Group and Korjen projects, as a composer of classical music (repeated collaboration with the Berg Orchestra), composer of film and video production and stage music. In addition to drama, he has recently been associated mainly with dance theater (420PEOPLE, Spitfire Company). He is also the author of music for Roselyne.

Alexander Volny in production of ProFitArt

Alexander Volný

He was born in 1983 in Brno, where he graduated from the State Dance Conservatory. After he finished his studies, he joined Laterna Magika, where he remained until 2012. He has studied both solo and choral roles. From 2009 to 2011 he cooperated with the Prague Chamber Ballet. In the same year he was offered a collaboration in Cirk La Putyka, where he performed in performances of Up&down, Play, Family, Batacchio or Honey, and where he developed his skills in techniques of the new circus (acrofloor, straps and others). At the same time he started working with 420PEOPLE, premiered in the Wind-up project, in Mirage, Hell – Dante Variations, Phrasing the Pain or The Queen of Fairies.

For ProFitArt he created a production of Fillet of Soul, in which he acts as a choreographer and performer.

Lukas Lepold in production of ProFitArt

Lukáš Lepold

Lukáš Lepold was born in 1984 in Brno. After graduating from the Dance Conservatory in Brno in 2002, he joined the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre in Ostrava, where he danced in productions such as Nutcracker, Macbeth, U2, Purim and Miracle in Silence. In Ostrava he also collaborated with the performer and painter D. J. Lloyd (Liver, Detox) and integrated dance group Reunion. From 2011 to 2013 he was a member of Polskiego Teatru Tańca. As part of the Atelier PTT festival, he participated in the choreography of Planets (2013). He then worked with K. Vanek and E. Trottier in Endless Refill (Bonn, Manheim) and Alexander Volný and 420people. He is currently a member of the ProART Company and a resident artist of the Industra Stage in Brno, where he launched his project Orbita (prem. 3. 9. 2017).

For ProFitArt he created a production Fillet of Soul, in which he acts as a choreographer and performer.

Filip Stanek in production of ProFitArt

Filip Staněk

He graduated from the Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, majoring in dance and acting. For five years he worked as a soloist at the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre in Ostrava and as a teacher at the Conservatory and as a freelancer. From 2007 to 2009 he was a guest at the California Contemporary Ballet in the USA. He worked for two years in Monaco, where he worked as a coach and under the romantic influence of the southern climate began to write short stories (Short Stories from under the whisky). During his studies and dance careers he has completed dozens of workshops around the world focusing on various sectors of movement and dance and is a certified fitness trainer. Since 2017 he has been a member of the dance ensemble 420PEOPLE and if he is not intensively rehearsing performances in the ballroom, he is engaged in his own pedagogical activities in the Contemporary dance studio, a space for dancing.

As a dancer, he performs in a production Fillet of Soul produced by ProFitArt.

Valentin Verdure in production of ProFitArt

Valentin Verdure

The French circus-focused artist graduated from the National Centre of Circus Arts (CNAC) in London in 2013. His main focus is paired acrobatics. In 2014 he joined Cirk La Putyka, where he appeared in productions of Dolls and Family.

He also performs in the production of Fillet of Soul produced by ProFitArt.

Maxim Didenko

The St. Petersburg director actively searches for various experimental theatrical forms, such as dance, pantomime, clownia, drama – and since 1995 he worked not only as an actor, but also as a director. After completing his studies in acting and theatre directing (Omska State University, St. Petersburg State Theatre and Academy of Arts), Didenko remained faithful to alternative theatre. Between 2004 and 2009 he was a member of the Derevo ensemble (St. Petersburg – Dresden). Since 2007 he has been cooperating with the Russian theatre AKHE, he is engaged in pedagogical activities and his own theatre projects. As a director he cooperates with producer Slava Polunin. He operates in Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Germany and Brazil. In September 2016, he received the “Snob. Made in Russia” award in the category of theatre directing for the production “Pasternak. My Sister – Life”.

For ProFitArt he created a production of THE TRIAL.

Nela Kornetova in production of ProFitArt

Nela H. Kornetová

Nela H. Kornetová is a freelance performer, actress and director primarily working in Norway, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She works with motion, sound and image at the limits of audio-visual forms. She focuses on topics and instinctive emotions that can directly affect the viewer. She is the artistic director of the T.I.T.S. performance group. T.I.T.S. (CZ/NOR/SWE/DK) is an informal international collective that creates atmospheric hybrid performances. It focuses on working with lighting, sound and spatial conditions, the performance quality of human voice and movement, and these elements are organically connected. She was nominated for the Czech Theatre DNA 2020 award for outstanding achievement in the field of new theatre.

She is a performer in the production of THE TRIAL produced by ProFitArt.

Jun Wan Kim in production of ProFitArt

Jun Wan Kim

Performer in THE TRIAL.

Robert Niznik in production of ProFitArt

Róbert Nižník

An actor, dancer and musician moving on the border of physical, dance and musical theatre, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre DAMU and the Program of the Praktyk Teatralnych Academy in Poland. He is a co-founder and long-time member of the international theatre studio Farm in the Cave focused on the creation, development and research of human expression. He is a lecturer of international workshops focused on working with body and voice and lecturer of movement workshops for schools. As part of the Dance to Schools project, he worked at Cimburkova Primary School since 2016.

He performs in the production of THE TRIAL.

Marta Sobotkova (Strejckova) in production of ProFitArt

Marta Sobotková (Strejčková)

Performer and dancer influenced by GAGA dance technique and theatre Děrevo, AKHE and TNF. She never studied dance, she did not want to be tied up in one institution (she left the Physical Theatre Studio at JAMU in Brno for this reason), so she chose education through workshops and projects. She worked under the direction of choreographers and directors from Israel (Nir Ben Gal, NIr De Volff), France (Jean Gaudin, Beatrice Massin), Russia (Maxim Didenko), Japan (Shusako Takeuchi), New York (Dagmar Spain), Great Britain (Matthew Rogers) and Bohemia (Milan Odstrčil, Lenka Kniha Bartůňková, etc.). She went through a new circus in Barcelona, Spain, and Cirqueon in Prague. She is a founding member of the theatre ensemble Maso Krůtí, which operates in the Theatre NoD. She’s also a photographer. She studied photography at the Scholastice in Prague in Jiří Thýn’s studio, where she met and began working with Barbora Klimszová.

She is a performer in the production of THE TRIAL.

Roman Zotov-Mikshin in production of ProFitArt

Roman Zotov-Mikshin

He was born in Tula, Russia, and has lived in Prague since the age of 17. During his studies at the Duncan Centre Dance Conservatory in Prague, he gained experience with contemporary dance, modern techniques such as Graham, Limon and Cunningham, martial arts, street dance, dance in many of his own choreographies and works by other authors. He has collaborated with Nadar Rosen, Maxim Didenko, Lenka Flora, Michal Záhora, Mirka Eliášová, Jana Bitterová and many other creators in the field of contemporary dance and physical theatre. He’s a member of the Spitfire Company. From 2018 he teaches improvisation, composition and more with dance and movement related subjects at the Duncan Centre Conservatory.

He performs in the production of THE TRIAL.

Martin Šalanda

Actor, clown, performer, lecturer. Born 1987. He studied computer science at FI MUNI and the studio of the Physical Theatre at JAMU. He co-founded the improvisational theatre Bafni. Since 2014 he has worked on large and small Czech and foreign stages with Jaro Viňarský, Roman Zotov, Nadar Rosano, Jan Kodet, Maxim Didenko and Spitfire Company. In 2015 he created a solo clown show Bankrabosošet – who am I if not me?. As a lecturer, he led several workshops focused on working with body and physical expression. Since 2017, he has been training Option Management under Clinton Callahan. He is dedicated to working with emotions and leads workshops of conscious feeling. Organizes and leads men’s circles and PlayFight Club meetings.

He performs in the production of THE TRIAL.