Nothing else, Mothers

Composition of the relationship between mother and daughter. I was inside you. You’re inside me. Is it possible not to resemble each other? Author’s production of Dominika Špalková and Anna Klimešová.


Roselyne’s looking for her place. Your place in the room, your place in the eyes of others, your place in life. Perfectly round-the-back, like all of us… First production by Cécile Da Costa.

Fillet of Soul

I’m a. I’m unreliable. I’m a primadonna. I’m a pack of rabid dogs who bit each other’s feet off. Choreographic firsts by Lukáš Lepold and Alexander Free. Stand in front of the mirror and try to say: I am…


Kafka as a picture of everyday Russian reality. Maxim Didenko and six performers.Site-specific warnings, activist performance and psychological theatre. Does the death penalty even make sense?



It originated in a port between men. Where it is felt, the distance, the sea and the endless horizon. Patricia Poráková brings a glimpse into the world of Argentine tango.


Dance, physical theatre, Slovak folk songs. The transition of adolescence of a boy into a man. What is the place of a man in society today? Winning project Essence of Dance 2014.


We’re here, between you. We like to watch you, you don’t often see us. Inspiration from the world of birds and their free movement. Dance production of 2013.

La Loba

He’s been wandering the countryside for years. From the collections of bones he composes creatures, he has the ability to return the creature to the world. He carries life and death in him at the same time. Dance production by Lenka Vagnerová & Company.