It originated in a port amongst men. Where you can feel the distance, the sea and the endless horizon. Patricia Poráková brings a glimpse into the world of Argentine tango.

Quilombo in “Lunfard”,

which is slang from the underworld of the Argentine tango, means “chaos, disorder, brothel”. In Afro-Australian culture, Quilombo means “a community of rogue slaves deep inside the jungle” – a symbol of revolution and liberation.

Performer and dancer Patricia Poráková

(known, for example, from The Cave Farm or Spitfire Company) has created a project that brings insight into the world of Argentine tango, along with people who actually live in this community.

Tango originated in the harbor between men.

Where cultures, stories, fates, smells, sweat and dirt are mixed in one pot… Where you can feel the distance, the sea and the endless horizon. Where in the wind of the wild Atlantic men dream of gentleness and touch. Thay long for proximity and for those who will never see again. A dance in which one body is lost in another. You surrender as a shadow to another, to the one you love, whatever love means to us. You want to feel close. You perceive what it means to own space and the total connection between these two worlds. A dance whose euphoria passes into profound pain, back and forth, back and forth, step by step. Tango, dance-life, tango-experience, rough, sore, dirty, crazy. A dance that happens as simply as breathing. The way we are able to feel and perceive in everyday life, even on the street…

Patricie Porakova in production of ProFitArt - Quilombo

Concept and choreography: Patricia Poráková
Dramaturgy: Krystyna Mogilnicka
Light Design: Michal Kříž
Sound design: Eva Hamouzová
Producer: ProFitArt
Coproducer: Dance Prague Sup
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague City Hall, Nou Tango Berlin, Tango Libre Berlin

Created and performed by: Patricia Poráková, Leandro Furlan, Matias Facio/Javier Antar & Gustavo Ariel Colmenarejo / Ivo Saint

“Tango is shown with a variety of dynamics and different emotional charge. From subtle, intimate, internal movements, scenicly styled into a love hug instead of classical possession, to literally a rival duel between two unique personalities. Technically, the tango in the performance of the main protagonists was a feast for the eyes. Challenging variations full of spectacular elements, volcadas, ganchos and various excavations, when the partner’s leg was hurriedly saucy in space, were made with appropriate dynamism and ease.”

(Daniela Zilvarová, Taneční aktuality, October 23rd, 2013)

“The violin, whose infinitely sad voice becomes an integral part of the scene, immediately from the beginning creates a space for two dancers outside the reality hidden behind the theatre’s wall, leaving them to burn for themselves and shine like two stars falling from the sky at the same moment.”

(Jakub Novák, aktuálně.cz, October 17th, 2013)