The author’s production by Dominika Špalková and Anna Klimešová will finally have its premiere after several delays. The composition of the relationship between mother and daughter called Nothing else, Mothers will take place for the first time on September 13th at the Palac Akropolis in Prague. Dancer Cécile Da Costa and actress Antonie Formanová will appear in the production for two performers.

Nearest program

Workshop with Husam Abed and Reka Deak for Children and Youths

September 13th, 2021, 11:00,
Społeczny Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny w Kudowie-Zdroju im. S. Moniuszki, Poland

September 13th, 2021, 19:30, Palác Akropolis

Tanz Platz Festival

September 16th, 2021,
Novi Sad, Serbia

Home Beyond the Borders?
Malá inventura Festival

September 17th, 2021, 20:00, Valdštejnská lodžie, Jičín

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