Fillet of Soul

Fillet of Soul

I’m a bugger. I’m unreliable. I’m a primadonna. I’m a pack of rabid dogs who bit each other’s legs off. Choreographic firsts by Lukáš Lepold and Alexander Volný. Stand in front of the mirror and try to say: I am…

I’m a bugger
I’m unreliable
I’ m mean
I’m smug
I’m selfish
I’m insensitive
I’m a primadonna
I’m ugly
I’m stinling
I’m a pack of rabid dogs
who bit off each other’s legs off,
they’re tied to shacks
so they can’t freely tear human flesh

I’m lying
I’m spoiled
I’m depressed
I’m boring
I’m dirt
I’ m a cracker…
I am, I am, I am…

The choreographic first of Lukáš Lepold and Alexander Volný combines dance, physical theatre, light acrobatics and spoken word.

Stand in front of the mirror and try to say: I am…

Lukas Lepold in production of ProFitArt - Fillet of Soul

Premiere: 20 October 2018

Concept and choreography: Lukáš Lepold, Alexander Volný
Light design: Jan Mlčoch
Sound design and music: Jan Balcar
Drums: Jan Svačina
Violin: Veronika Linhartová
Producer: ProFitArt
Coproducer: Theatre X10
With support of: Magistrate of capital city of Prague, State Fund of Culture, Theatre X10, Jatka78, La Putyka

Cast: Lukáš Lepold, Alexander Volný, Valentin Verdure, Filip Staněk

“Fillet of Soul is a probe into the intricate male soul (and brain), full of all sorts of feelings and ideas not only about the world around, but mainly about itself. The work raises many questions: What is it like to be honest with one other? Tell me who I really am and what do I think of myself? Be natural? On this basis, an hour-long dance-movement-theatre performance developed. The movement design cannot be judged as anything other than brilliant. The performers sailed through space in endless lifts and acrobatic elements, the whole part was dominated by consistent partner work. Performers excelled in accuracy and confidence, from simple walking to challenging salts or high jumps. Their manly and graceful movements really fascinated them. Besides, they didn’t lack acting skills, good mastery of the mimika and gestures. (…)

Fillet of Soul is a quality spectacle that will captivate especially excellent movement performances of dancers. Jan Mlčoch’s light design was also at a high level, which successfully created the atmosphere of the work. (…)”

(Monika Štúrová, Dance News, 30 October 2018)

For organizers

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