ProFitArt in the new year

The first show of the new year will be Zero etc. in the magical surroundings of the Plum Yard in Malovice.

„What color are the eyes of an octopus? When I grow up, will there still be fish in the sea?“ Nine-year-old Thelma will ask, Cécile Da Costa and Lukáš Karásek will try to answer in a performance-dialogue that was created at a time when the author of the production Cécile Da Costa had to stop and just observe. And she started to think about the future and unknown prospects.

Zero etc. we are playing in Plum Yard on January 28 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets will be available for purchase on the spot. The show is suitable for children aged eight and over.

The composition of the relationship between a mother and daughter Nothing else, Mothers moves to the Švanda Theater with the new year. We will present the author’s production of Dominika Špalková and Anna Klimešová with actress Antonie Formanová and performer Cécile Da Costa in the new space for the first time on February 2 at 7 p.m.

After its premiere at the Švanda Theater, the production Nothing else, Mothers will go on tour to Pilsen.

Nothing Else, Mothers is about looking beyond subjective memory, the strength and power of our feelings. The transmission of emotional patterns from generation to generation. Dancer Cécile Da Costa and actress Antonie Formanová dance and play about a common act of understanding.

To what extent do we allow ourselves to be influenced by our initial relationships and adopted patterns of behavior? And when we uncover them, can we transcend them? Come to the Moving Station in Pilsen on February 23 at 7:00 p.m. and you might find out the answers.

Since the beginning of this season, a circus workshop for educators with Robert Janč and Cécile Da Costa Learning through the circus has been taking place.

We present a set of circus activities to kindergarten and first grade elementary school teachers, thanks to which they can expand their pedagogical repertoire with an unusual but highly effective tool for the multifaceted development of the personality of their wards. Medical clown, actor and pedagogue Robert Janč together with dancer, singer and lecturer Cécile Da Costa introduce educators to the methods of manipulative juggling, explain why and how the circus can be used in teaching and encourage the creativity of course participants, which they will pass on to children in the second part of the project.

We will reprise also Cécile Da Costa’s award-winning author’s production, Roselyne in PONEC – dance venue, and after its November premiere, will we once again present Ewa Zurakowska’s multi-genre project Home Beyond the Borders? in Venuše ve Švehlovce.

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