A special family production in a caravan will take you on your way home

The author’s production by Dominika Špalková and Bára Ungerová is looking for an answer to the question of what makes home a home. The original project takes place in a specially adapted caravan, which is also an art installation and can accommodate only eight spectators. Moetivi Caravan / Expedition Home premieres in Lubná near Polička, where the project originated, on June 21, the day of the summer solstice. After the premiere, the caravan will tour Czech festivals.

The authors of the production and at the same time the performers Dominika Špalková and Bára Ungerová were inspired by the landscape, rhythm, encounters with people and their stories. Shards of memories, feelings, shapes and ornaments imprinted the experimental and unique production of Moetivi Caravan / Expedition Home, intended for families with children.

The caravan in which the production takes place is also an art installation. By using objects, artistic fragments, a puppet or a mask and with a strong musical component, an intimate and playful stage event is created.

Musician and artist Bára Ungerová creates her own design objects and drawings under her own brand Mœtïvï and decorated the interior of the caravan in this style. Dominika Špalková loves to discover and finds beauty where it is still invisible to others. She puts it in new contexts, connects genres and looks for new shapes. That is why this production is something between theater and installation.

The authors were inspired by the project when they traveled a lot (Bára with the band DVA and Dominika with the Theater Drak) and they were not at home very often. „It occurred to us that you were aware of the feeling of home when you missed it. When you’re away from home and looking forward to it. But at the same time, you can find that feeling wherever you are. For example, I’m at home wherever I can sit on the floor, unpack a notebook and pencil from my backpack and draw, ”describes Ungerová.

In the production, inspiration from childhood, roots, play, motif of repetition are added to the theme of home. The performers want to evoke in the audience a feeling of pleasant ritual, comfort, safety and coziness in a small house, which one can freely transfer wherever one wants. „We didn’t want to do a theatrical performance or a purely artistic form. We enjoyed finding it in between. We want to evoke and share a friendly atmosphere, maybe memories of people and situations that made us feel at home, and think about how we create it,”adds Špalková.

The set designer Vendula Tomšů also took part in the production, with whom Dominika Špalková collaborated, among other things, on the project of Miřenka Čechová !O! – Family Therapy. Tomšů created puppets and masks and participated in other technical and aesthetic matters. In addition to her, the production team also includes sound designer Ladislav Mirvis Mirvald and light designer Jiří Šmirk. During the performance, the music of the groups DVA, Zrní or the project of Markéta Lisá Kutya will be heard.

The authors have made expeditions to Norway and Iceland, where two other parallel productions with the same theme have been created within one project. The Norwegian production of the partner organization Arctic Culture Lab will premiere in the autumn. The Icelandic version of director Greta Clough and the ensemble Handbendi Brúðuleikhúsměla premiered in early June and is currently on its way on a 20-day tour. Based on the productions, a dramaturgical book will also be published, which maps the entire three-year journey of the project. There will also be a survey in which the author’s friends and various personalities will answer the question of what home means to them.

Moetivi Caravan / Expedition Home

Authors and performers: Dominika Špalková, Barbora Ungerová
Author´s collaboration at the beginning of the journey: Lucie Dlabolová
Author´s collaboration at the end of the journey: Vendula Tomšů
Design: Barbora Ungerová
Scenography: Vendula Tomšů
Music: Dva, Zrní, Kutya
Sound: Ladislav Mirvis Mirvald
Lights: Jiří Pirko Šmirk
Photo: Jiřina Šmídová, Barbora Ungerová
Technical support: Jan Unger, Jan Tomšů
Partner organizations:
 Arctic Culture Lab (Norway), Handbendi (Iceland)

Supported by EEA Grants – Culture Programme.

Premiere: June 21, 2022, Lubná near Polička
(reservation at production@profitart.cz until June 19)