Whimsical Paranoid

More Than Just Theatre is the name of the residency project announced by the production platform ProFitArt together with the German partner The Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei. The second of the two selected residencies (the first project was Oxy-Gen | Embers) is called Whimsical Paranoid and will end with a public work-in-progress on 22 September at 19:30 in KD Mlejn.

The Whimsical Paranoid project consists of dancers Martina Martín, Sade Mamedova and Lorenzo Ponteprimo. The artists, who live in Germany, will arrive in Prague on 4 September and during their 20-day residency they will undergo physical dance training with lecturers Cécile Da Costa, Andrea Miltner and Roman Zotov.

On Friday, 8 September, an informal networking session will also take place at KD Mlejn, where local artists can share contacts, creative plans and international experiences and establish potential future collaborations with the residents.

In the performance Whimsical Paranoid, the performers will explore what happens when absurdity and humour invade a choreographic work. Dance will be the main character and the body will be the focus. Situations and relationships will be transformed into nonsensical and profound choreographic scenes. The artists will play with their own whimsical paranoia and explore the wide possibilities of contemporary dance using text, social media, personal stories and tons of creative content.

Choreographer Martina Martín and dancers Sade Mamedova and Lorenzo Ponteprimo will offer an exciting, unpredictable and entertaining evening.

More Than Just Theatre project was supported by European Union (National Recovery Plan).